Dante Juarez Avila

“My goals for 2017 are to talk more to other people, get good grades in school and to enter a soccer academy.”

Career earnings: 803.00

Dante in February 2017:

My name is Dante Juarez Avila, I am 15 years old and I am in high school. I live in a boys home called “Mundo de Ninos”. I am in FairMail for nearly 3 years now. In 2016 I had both highs and lows. The bad thing is that I didn’t get may postcards and that I was sick for one month.

The good things were that I got green points and was allowed to travel to Chachapoyas. I gave it my best shot and took some great photographs.

I also have goals for 2017. First is to get new postcards. The second is to get Green points and be able to travel again. My third is to talk more to other people. The fourth is to get good grades in school and fifth is to enter a soccer academy.

Dante in August 2016:

Dante in November 2015:

Dante in January 2015:

My name is Dani Dante Juarez Avila. I live in Mundo de Niños since 2014. Good things that happened to me are that I got my first FairMail card of a cup of coffee. Also that I got in FairMail and that I am doing well in school.

There are no bad things.

Goals that I want to achieve this year is get more postcards, study hard in school, help my family, be a professional soccer player and travel with FairMail. Things that I achieved last year are passing to the next grade in school, feel more happy living in Mundo de Ninos and within my family and I took good pictures.

Dante in August 2014:

Hi, my name is Dante Dani Juárez Avila. I live in a boys home called “Mundo de Niños”* in Huanchaquito-Peru. Currently I am in fifth grade of the “Jose Olaya Balandra” primary school. I have 6 brothers and sisters called Pedro, Elvis, Roxana, Lariza, Abraham and Elías.

I entered FairMail about one week ago and I am very happy because of this. I like to be responsible and to travel to different places. I hope I will be able to acomplish these things. When I am 18 years old I want to build my own house where I can live with my brothers. Maybe we can even build a second floor. I also like to take pictures. I hope to have my first postcard soon and be able to go on trips with the FairMail team.

When I grow up my dream is to be a football player, so I can help my family. My other goal is to finish my school.

*(the staff says about the boys: they are brave and have the will to change their lives. They come from a surrounding of drugs, criminality and other sorts of antisocial behavior but they are doing their best to integrate in the life of this home, to respect its values and rules, to go to school and to search for a personal and professional future).