Patricia Quesquen Antonio

“In FairMail I only have one goal which is to fullfill my dream to study and that way help my family.”

Career earnings: 4,026.20

Patricia in January 2012:

Hi everybody, I want to tell you that last year I had great challenges, opportunities and big decisions.The good thing was that I succeeded in building a wall behind my house so that it is no longer an open space and to be protected from danger.

The bad thing was that a careless friend made ​​my camera break and because of that I couldnot make many pictures. But now I have a new one and I will work with a lot of motivation as it is my last half year I have left here in FairMail. My biggest dream is to finish my career in gastronomy and start my own business. Something that fascinates me most is to organize events. For me it is something spectacular and now I feel I am closer to achieving it.

Patricia in January 2011:

My father left my mother when she had three children and was pregnant of the fourth. We used to work separating rubbish to earn money to live. When I was doing a workshop with a social project, I found out about FairMail.

After speaking with the directors and the other people involved my Mother allowed me to start working with them. I have used the money I saved so far to help pay for an operation for my mother, who had a very bad tooth infection. My dream is to save enough money to study Communications at university and get a good job. I would also like to start a botanical garden to protect rare species of orchids.

Patricia in 2009:

My name is Patricia Quesquén Antonio and I am 15 years old. I live in El milagro – Trujillo. My parents are Susana Antonio Reyes and Pablo Quesquén Mayra. I am the oldest of four children. At this moment I am living with my mother and brothers and sisters.

I like being in FairMail because it is really cool. They teach you about photography and here I only have one goal: to full fill my dream of studying and helping out my familiy.

I am happy I entered FairMai. Here I can develop my creativity which I really like.

Fairmail is like a second home for me because here the volunteers give us tips and help us, especially with photograhpy.


* in the poorest part of this town is a big garbage dump on which many families work as recyclers. Most children of these recycle families help their parents searching the dump for materials to sell. The organization YMCA ( runs an educational centre near the dump to stimulate children, teenagers and their parents to go to school and develop themselves. This centre is one of the places where FairMail finds teenagers – Patricia is one of them- to participate in FairMail, selecting them on motivation, punctuality and talent for photography.

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