New fair trade cards just waiting to be sent!

Posted at 12 July 2017

Yep, new cards out again. We have some great new fair trade cards that are just waiting to be sent! For this new collection the teenagers had to be double as creative. Not only in taking the photographs but also making the objects in the pictures themselves. Check out some of their newest cards below. […]

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Second FairMail teenager graduates from University

Posted at 12 July 2017

11 years after FairMail started, former photographer Yuli (23, Peru) gave us the best birthday present of all by graduating from University. An amazing achievement if you consider that as a little girl Yuli had to help her parents select stones and gravel at the quarry to help make ends meet after moving from the […]

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Finding Happiness, through the eyes of 10 teenage photographers from Peru

Posted at 12 July 2017

According to 16 year old Angelica “The real secret of happiness is to request a lot from oneself and very little from others”. She and her fellow FairMail photographers probably possess this wisdom through the hardships they have experienced in their young lives, forcing them to learn to turn adversities into forces for positive change. Their […]

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