First former FairMail India photographer admitted into national university

Posted at 20 September 2017

Ever since FairMail India had to close its doors there has been less news about the teenagers who used to be part of the FairMail India team. But this time we have some huge news: Anil Rao managed to pass the entrance exam and get admitted to study chemistry, zoology and botany at the BHU University in […]

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Help your employer fulfil its CSR policy

Posted at 20 September 2017

Nowadays most companies and organisations are aware of their Corporate Social Responsibility and actually have a CSR policy in place. However they find it is often not so easy to communicate this to the outside world. That’s where FairMail comes in. We made it very easy for your employer to fulfil and express its social […]

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Fall Clearance, over 50% discount on fair trade cards!

Posted at 19 September 2017

We are getting ready for the busy Christmas season and need space in our storage to stock up the great new fair trade Christmas cards. Lucky you, as this means up to 50% discount on over 90 different cards! A great opportunity to stock up on some cards for upcoming occasions, including Christmas. Go to […]

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New products in cooperation with Oxfam

Posted at 19 September 2017

We are very excited about the 2 new products with FairMail pictures hitting the market this fall. Our partner Oxfam Belgium selected 4 FairMail pictures for their 2018 agenda and lunchboxes. This way making their fundraising products fairer and supporting FairMail’s teenage photographers at the same time. The agenda and lunch boxes with pictures by Julissa, Juan Gabriel, Paul […]

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New fair trade cards that empower

Posted at 19 September 2017

In cooperation with our Dutch publisher Context Cards we came up with a collection of 14 wonderful new folded fair trade greeting cards. By Skyping directly with the CEO of Context Cards the teenagers learned more about what kind of images their customers are looking for and what the latest trends are. This way coming […]

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Video report: Photography Trip to Northern Inca Empire

Posted at 19 September 2017

The FairMail Peru team has just returned from an epic photography trip into the Northern Andes. In the area around the northern capital of the former Inca empire the teenagers travelled together with a group of Italian, American and Dutch photography enthusiasts looking for the best images of local beauty. This 4-minute video gives a good […]

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New fair trade cards just waiting to be sent!

Posted at 12 July 2017

Yep, new cards out again. We have some great new fair trade cards that are just waiting to be sent! For this new collection the teenagers had to be double as creative. Not only in taking the photographs but also making the objects in the pictures themselves. Check out some of their newest cards below. […]

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Second FairMail teenager graduates from University

Posted at 12 July 2017

11 years after FairMail started, former photographer Yuli (23, Peru) gave us the best birthday present of all by graduating from University. An amazing achievement if you consider that as a little girl Yuli had to help her parents select stones and gravel at the quarry to help make ends meet after moving from the […]

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Finding Happiness, through the eyes of 10 teenage photographers from Peru

Posted at 12 July 2017

According to 16 year old Angelica “The real secret of happiness is to request a lot from oneself and very little from others”. She and her fellow FairMail photographers probably possess this wisdom through the hardships they have experienced in their young lives, forcing them to learn to turn adversities into forces for positive change. Their […]

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Mission Possible: Paul and Dante on their way to become soccer stars

Posted at 12 July 2017

Remember the news about the “Mission Possible” project aimed at helping the FairMail teenagers identify and chase their own dreams? Only a few months later, Paul and Dante have already achieved their goal by getting admitted into a soccer academy. Step one according to them to follow the steps of their soccer heroes Cristiano Ronaldo and […]

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