Luis Gomez Rodriguez

“I take pictures to earn money to pay for my studies. Hopefully I can help my parents as well, they don’t have a lot of money.”

Career earnings: 5,501.00

Luis in 2009:

I am Luis Alberto Gómez Rodríguez and I am 17 years old. We are seven brothers and sisters in total and now I live with them in the Florencia de Mora neighbourhood. My father and mother are divorced. I am happy to be with FairMail.

Thanks to this project I am able to finish my studies and I got to know many beautifull places taking pictures. Thanks to my pictures and my dedication I was able to help my family. I used to live inmundo de jovenes (teenagers home) but I left. Now I live in my own house again and work in a restaurant in the Las Flores neighbourhood.
At this moment I don't have a girlfriend and later I want to work on a cruiseship when I finished my studies. I like oriental food and I am studying to become a chef cook.

I started in FairMail when I was 15 years old and still lived in mundo de ninos*. I had never touched a camera untill Janneke borrowed me one. Then I started taking pictures of everything I liked. That's when I started getting my first postcards. We have already made many trips in Peru. My family is very happy and I hope they will support me.

I got into mundo de niños* because I used drugs. When I was 10 years old I lived on the streest and sometimes didn't have enough to eat. One day a social worker took me to the boys home. In the beginning I didn't like it at all, but I got used to it. After that I lived for 5 years in Huanchaco.

*for more about the kids in the boys home Mundo de Ninos, see
(the staff says about the boys: they are brave and have the will to change their lives. They come from a surrounding of drugs, criminality and other sorts of antisocial behavior but they are doing their best to integrate in the life of this home, to respect its values and rules, to go to school and to search for a personal and professional future).

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