Juan Gabriel Escobedo

Career earnings: 3,961.73

Juan Gabriel in February 2017:

2016 was a year full of good and beautiful experiences regarding my education, friends, family etc. One of the best things that happened to me in 2016 was becoming member of a Christian organisation called “luz de vida”. They are an organization that supports me in my personal development, provides me with spiritual support and economic help to study.

Another good thing that happened to me is that me and my colleagues at RUNAFOTO got the opportunity to start a small photography company called RUNAFOTO STUDIO. This project will help us group personally and to develop and exploit our talent and allow us to pay for our education.

The most spectacular thing that happened to me was that I started a new phase in my life: studying communication sciences at the university.

And the coolest thing was that I got the opportunities to travel with the FairMail team to Chachapoyas and Tarapoto. I also got the opportunity to travel to Colombia to participate in a photography festival. That was a unique experience for me as it was the first time in my life that I visited a foreign country.

But there were also sad moments: My older brother and sister moved to Lima. Also I was not able to travel with FairMail’s latest photography trip because I got too many red points. And I also had to stop studying English.

My goals for 2017 are to continue my university career and get good grades. I also want to travel to Europe with FairMail. And continue in RUNAFOTO STUDIO to make good use of this opportunity.

Juan Gabriel in August 2016:


Juan Gabriel in December 2015:

This year I started a new phase in my life: after 8 years I left the Mundo de Ninos boys home and now I live with my mother, brother and sisters again. In June 2015 I finished high school with first place. The next week I started with a new experience with a new family in the RUNAFOTO photography academy. My goal here is to continue developing my passion for photography, to learn new things, meet new people who share the same passion for the art of photography and to take part in photography events. That way I will get many new experiences and learn how to become a professional photographer.

In FairMail I participated in 3 photography trips to Huamachuco, Huaraz and Lima. I was very happy about this, to make good use of these opportunities, to get to know new places and to take new and better photographs. It was also a productive year for me as I got a good amount of new cards.

I am happy that I achieved my goals for 2015: take part in FairMail’s photography trips, finish high school and get my diploma, get into RUNAFOTO photography academy, start preparing myself to get into university and finish my basic English course.

My goals for 2016 are:

* Continue to prepare myself for the university entrance exam.

* Continue studying English at intermediary level.

* Get more postcards, keep travelling with the FairMail team, get to know new places and work hard on new cards.

* Improve my mothers house.

Juan Gabriel in January 2015:

Good things that happened to me in 2014 were that I went back to live with my family after 7 years, I started studying English and made my first FairMail postcards. 

Bad things that happened to me in 2014:

I lost a few Jobs due to the working hours and economic reasons.

Things that I achieved:

I got my high school diploma.

My goals for 2015 are:

Finish high school, prepare for university, finish my Basic English course, travel with FairMail to Huaraz and to become the best photographer.

Juan Gabriel in August 2014:

In January I had my first trip to Cajamarca with FairMail which was a new and very good experience. In Mundo de Ninos I also began a new phase when I entered their “Casa de Jovenes” (teenagers house) which gave me new responsibilities. I finished my English studies, and started working part time in a store called Motor plaza. But after a while I left that job because I had trouble fitting my work with my schedule, FairMail and English.

My plans for the coming months are to finish my secondary, keep studying English in CIDUNT, continue with FairMail, take more pictures for cards and hopefully go on more photography trips. I also want to continue working on myself and push myself to cover my own expenses for English lessons. I also want to be more responsible in everything I do. Then I want to travel to Europe and study at the University to get my degree.

Juan Gabriel in August 2013:


Juan Gabriel in 2013:

When I was still a kid I liked to hang around on the streets of Trujillo. My mother is called Consuelo Rura Robles Salvatierra, my father is called Maximino López Escobedo. They were very worried about my. From one moment to the next I realized that I had to change my life for the better.

I lived in the Andes Mountains with my mother. She took me to the city of Trujillo in the coast where I got the know the "Mundo de Ninos" boys home. I liked it there because of how they treated and helped us. They helped me with my studies, food, housing and health. We play soccer, have teachers who teach us taekwondo, computer skills, homework guidance and social values. I also work in the recycling workshop of this NGO. I am very happy in this place. I am a kid who like mathematics, English and a big soccer fan. I admire Lionel Messi. I am proud of myself for getting some diploma's in school.

FairMail is a big challenge for me. I love FairMail. That is why I will give it my best shot to become a part of this family. I got to know FairMail a long time ago when Janneke and Peter where still living in Peru. I saw when the other teenagers arrived to do their photography exercises. That made me very interested to know more and I always wanted to be part of FairMail. Now I see that this dream is coming true. I hope to become a good photographer for FairMail and have many postcards. I would love to travel also with FairMail. I am a kid with many dreams. I would like to become a police officer, maths teacher and a good soccer player.

I hope I can make my goals reality and keep having a good reputation so that someday my family will feel proud about me.

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