Jose Luis Reyes Flores

“I especially like taking photos of animals and I love playing socker”

Career earnings: 1,198.50

Jose Luis in January 2012:

Hi I am Jose Luis! In my family there are 6 brothers and sisters and my father with his wife. My parents got divorced and my mother lives in Cuzco. I was born in Lima and after some time we went to live in Retamas, a village in the mountains, because my father could work there. Later on we moved to Trujillo.

When I was 7 years old I used to escape from my home to go to the internet shop nearby the university.There I met some street children and slowly I got to know them more and more and we became friends. They defended me in front of other children as I was the smallest one. When I was playing on the streets I got to know the NGO Mundo de Ninos where I could live and as I was so small I entered there, in 2006, and I am still living there. I will stay there because they support me and they helped me get into FairMail. I tried to enter in the beginning of 2011 but then they did not select me. But when I tried again in the end of 2011 I was selected, I wanted it so much!

What I want to achieve is to take many photos, especially of animals, and get many postcards. When I will earn money with FairMail I would like to subscribe in a socker academy as socker is my passion.

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