Deepa Prajapati

“My father is a gardener and mother is a house wife. I want to become a doctor”

Career earnings: 702.00

Deepa in August 2016:

I still like studying. I would like to continue my studies. I am in 10th standard right now. I like the subject home science and I am planning to study it in further classes too. In the previous year I got 545 out of 600 and everybody was very happy in my family. I finished my 9th standard like that.

Deepa in November 2013:

I really like taking photos with everybody and I like studying. FairMail gives me the chance to go out of my house and wonder around to discover the area by myself. So it makes my world bigger. In 2014 I want to go to the next class in school and if I pass I will be very happy.

Deepa in May 2013:

I live at Chhitupur beside the BHU university in Varanasi. In my family I have two brothers and only one sister.

My father is a gardener and mother is a house wife.

I study in class 7th in the Swami Sarswati English school. I want to become a Doctor in the future.

In FairMail I like to work in the group and I also like taking pictures a lot.

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