David Rojas Medina

“After secondary school I want to study photography and psychology.”

Career earnings: 8,730.42

David left FairMail in 2009. He works in a goldmine now as a front loader operator. He also started a family. He still receives money from FairMail for his photos as he has some bestsellers that are being reprinted time after time. He still has the dream to study psychology when his children are older. He keeps part of his FairMail savings apart for that.

David in 2006:

Hi my friends, I am David, I am 16 years old and I live in el Milagro* (district of Huanchaco in Perú). I am still going to secondary school. I am participating in Fairmail as photographer and meanwhile I am going to study. Fairmail is a very good way to pass my time because we learn things we don’t know yet. Moreover it benefits us financially as it covers our school expenses and in that way it diminishes the worries of our parents. It also helps the group to grow intellectually as we get to know volunteers who have knowledge about photography and always give us new insights.

During my time in Fairmail I observed that they give us trust and space to develop important themes at which we ourselves focus on. One of the most important goals for us is to let you know that we do not only have richness in monuments and historical objects but also in a whole culture of life that is typical for the place in which we live, for our life stiles, traditions and our nature. Taking photos these things become unique realities. After secondary school I want to study photography and psychology.

* Most children of recycling families in this village help out their parents searching the dump-located in the poorest part of town- for materials to sell. The organization YMCA (www.ymcaperu.org) runs an educational centre near the dump to stimulate children, teenagers and their parents to go to school and develop themselves. This centre is one of the places where Fairmail finds teenagers – David is one of them- to participate in Fairmail, selecting them on motivation, punctuality and talent for photography.