How do the FairMail teenagers celebrate Christmas?

Posted at 5 December 2016
Angeles celebrating Christmas with her family

Angeles celebrating Christmas with her family

“In Peru we have the tradition to celebrate Christmas with our families in our homes.” according to Julissa. Her colleague Anidela explains how the preparations work: “Normally we get together first to organize things and to plan who will bring what on Christmas day.”

“On the day itself we meet at 8 pm in my aunt’s house. First we prepare the table and decorate it with flowers. It is filled with chicken sandwiches, Christmas bread, Turkey and chocolate milk. When everything is ready we have dinner together. But no until one of us says a few words about the wishes we have as a family for next year. After midnight we share hugs. First with the family and then with the neighbours too. That is our tradition of celebrating Christmas.”

Not all of our teenagers live with their actual families. Some of them live in the Mundo de Nino’s boys home. Pauls says: “Yes we celebrate Christmas in Peru. I spend it with my family of the boys home.”

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