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Would you like to write about FairMail and the cards produced by Peruvian teenagers? Here you can find information and pictures!

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Below you can find an overvies of the pictures we have available for publications about FairMail. If you are still missing something you can contact Peter den Hond on +31(0)6-52020467 or via peter@fairmail.info. The pictures are free to use when placed together with an article about FairMail. FairMail and the photographer must be mentioned with the picture though. Click below on the picture of your choice to download the high resolution printable version of the picture you are looking for:
 Juan Carlos Cabellos (FairMail - Luis Gomez)

 David Rojas and Ivan Villanueva (FairMail - Cinthia Vega)

 Photography training (FairMail - Floor Broekman)

 Fotografen in Huanachaco (FairMail - David Rojas)

 Cinthia with cardset (FairMail - Janneke Smeulders)

 Card Collection (FairMail - Robert Nijhout)
 Card Display (FairMail - Janneke Smeulders)

 Card Set(FairMail - Peter den Hond)

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For answers to frequently asked questions about FairMail, fairtrade, the teenage photographers, FairMail's environmental policy and  FairMails contribution to the UN Millenium Goals click here.

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At this moment there are no new press releases.

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 For a complete overview of our card stock, product information and FairMail's contribution to the UN Mileniumgoals you can download our retailers catalogue below:
Catalogue 2008-2009 Web Quick (Quick PDF web version - lower image quality - filesize 3 MB - download time between 1 and 3 minutes)
Catalogue 2008-2009 Web Quality (PDF Print version – higher image quality – filesize 4 MB – Download time between 2 and 5 minutes)

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For more information you can contact Janneke Smeulders, FairMail's initiator. Please call: +31(0)6-50422095 or send an email to janneke@fairmail.info

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Fairmail documentary on the Belgium TV:

FairMail`s contribution to the United Nations Millenium Goals
Hasta Peru 2015, 2007, 10 minutes, Dutch and Spanish

FairMail in Mambapoint.tv on the Dutch TV
FairMail starring in episode on "gifts with a story" http://fairmail.mambapoint.tv
(In Dutch, 4 minutes long)
In the screen below you can watch the whole episode. The part about FairMail appears after about 2 minutes.

FairMail Introduction
Short Trailer made by Mambapoint.tv for http://fairmail.mambapoint.tv
Below you can watch the trailer made bij Ivan Mikulic from Mambapoint.tv:
(In Dutch, 30 seconds long)

Fairmail on Peru for Less:

Fairmail in ODE Magazine:

Fairmail on www.goodies.nl:

Fairmail on www.gubba.nl:

Fairmail on www.llink.nl:

Fairmail on www.faircompanies.com:

Fairmail on New Consumer`s Ethical Pages:

Fairmail on GoodSense.nu:

Fairmail on OdeMagazine.com: